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Google Ads are an effective way to drive qualified traffic to your business.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. With the use of keywords it can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Google Ads (1)
Google Ads (1)

What's a Keyword?

keyword, or a focus keyword as some call it, is a word that describes the content on your page or post best. It’s the search term that you want to rank for with a certain page. So when people search for that keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they should find that page on your website.

For an article on keywords for beginners click here.

It's Faster Than SEO

Google Ads should be used strategically. Adwords is more immediate than SEO since you can create advertising campaigns almost instantly and start getting targeted traffic while with SEO you need a lot more time (especially for new websites) to get good rankings and traffic.

NOTE: SEO is also important for long-term success.

Fun fact: Google has 92.26% of the market share as of October 2020


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